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Category Description Publication Date Posted
Logistics An Automated Storage and Retrival System to Supprt a Spares Production Line Logistics Direction May 1981
Web Services Agencies Need For Web Access Lures Business Intelligence Firms Washington Technology Aug 2000
Quantum Physics Cryogenic Dark Matter Search II USA - FermiLAB May 2004
Quantum Physics Quantum Universe:The Revolution in 21st-Century Physics USA - DOE/NSF May 2004
Quantum Computing Teleportation of Atomic States for Quantum Computing USA - NIST June 2004
Quantum Physics Quantum Whistle - Superfluid helium-4 whistles just the right tune U of Calif, Berkeley Jan 2005
Mathematics Mathematician untangles legendary problem U of Wisconsin, Madison Mar 2005
Quantum Physics Hunting the Quark Gluon Plasma Brookhaven National Laboratory Apr 2005
Quantum Physics 'Data-in, data-out' signals quantum breakthrough New Scientist Dec 2005
Mathematics 51st Known Mersenne Prime Found!! Mersenne.org Dec 2018
Bioinformatics The genome of black cottonwood Ascribe.org Sept 2006
Quantum Physics Quantum Cascade Laser Nanoantenna Created Harvard University Oct 2007
Quantum Physics Robust Entanglement between photonic qubits Unversity of Queensland Feb 2008
Quantum Physics Graphene transistor Unversity of Manchester Apr 2008
Quantum Physics Photonic modulation Stanford University Sept 2008
Quantum Physics Commercial Quantum Cryptography Network Bristol University Oct 2008
Quantum Physics First Teleportation between Distant Atoms Univ. of MD Joint Quantum Institute Jan 2009
Quantum Physics Life Expectancy On The Rise - Even For Quantum States University of Linz, Austria Apr 2009
Quantum Physics Bonn physicists create super-photon University of Bonn , Germany Nov 2010
Quantum Physics Radio frequency electrical transduction of graphene mechanical resonators Columbia University, New York Dec 2010
Quantum Physics Software Said to Match Quantum Computing Speed University of Waterloo at Ontario, Canada Dec 2010
Quantum Physics IceCube Complete Just in Time for Christmas University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin Dec 2010
Quantum Physics Fractional vortex states in strontium ruthenium oxide (SRO) University of Illinois Urbana-Champlaign, Illinois Jan 2011
Quantum Computing Decoherence-protected quantum gates for a hybrid solid-state spin register University of Southern California Los Angeles, California Apr 2012
Photonics X-Ray Beam Refined to Scalpel Precision USA - DOE/SLAC Aug 2012
Quantum Computing Computing prime factors with a Josephson phase qubit quantum processor University of California santa Barbara, California Aug 2012
Bioinformatics Architecture of the human regulatory network derived from ENCODE data Nature Sep 2012
Quantum Physics Coexistence of High-Bit-Rate Quantum Key Distribution and Data on Optical Fiber Physical Review Nov 2012
Quantum Physics Criticality without Frustration for Quantum Spin-1 Chains Physical Review Nov 2012
Quantum Physics Researchers Optically Levitate a Glowing, Nanoscale Diamond Univ. of Rochester Aug 2013
Quantum Physics Demonstration of electron acceleration in a laser-driven dielectric microstructure Nature Sep 2013
Quantum Physics Attractive photons in a quantum nonlinear medium Nature Sep 2013
Quantum Physics Room-Temperature Quantum Bit Storage Exceeding 39 Minutes Using Ionized Donors in Silicon-28 Science Nov 2013
Quantum Physics 1-Femtojoule Optical Interconnect Paves the Way for Low-Power, High Performance Chips MIT Technology Review Dec 2013
Cryptography RSA Key Extraction via Low-Bandwidth Acoustic Cryptoanalysis Tel Aviv University Press Dec 2013
Quantum Physics Generation and confirmation of a (100 × 100)-dimensional entangled quantum system Proceed. Nat'l Academy Science Mar 2014
Quantum Physics Two photons strongly coupled by glass fiber EurekaAlert Nov 2014
Quantum Physics Discovery of a photoresponse amplification mechanism in compensated PN junctions AIP Scitation Jan 2015
Quantum Physics Counterfactual quantum-information transfer without transmitting any physical particles Nature Feb 2015
Quantum Physics Thousands of atoms entangled with a single photon MIT News Mar 2015
Quantum Physics Demonstration of small programmable quantum computer with atomic qubits Nature Aug 2016
Communications Magnetic routing of light-induced waveguides Nature Feb 2017
Molecular Biology DNA Fountain enables a robust and efficient storage architecture Science Mar 2017
Molecular Biology To make better computers, researchers turn to molecular biology CSMonitor Mar 2017
Quantum Physics Spooky Action at a Distance" Record, Preps for Quantum Internet Scientific American Jun 2017
Molecular Biology Lights, camera, CRISPR: Biologists use gene editing to store movies in DNA Nature Jul 2017
Quantum Physics Quantum Computing with Molecules for a Quicker Search of Unsorted Databases Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Nov 2017
Quantum Physics 0.5 Petabyte Simulation of a 45-Qubit Quantum Circuit Cornell University Sept 2017
Molecular Biology In Vivo Target Gene Activation via CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Trans-epigenetic Modulation Cell Dec 2017
Quantum Physics Prospects for magnetic field communications and location using quantum sensors AIP Review of Scientific Instruments Dec 2017
Molecular Biology Multiplexed and portable nucleic acid detection platform with Cas13, Cas12a, and Csm6 Science Feb 2018
Quantum Physics Observation of three-photon bound states in a quantum nonlinear medium Science Feb 2018
Quantum Physics Enhancing the brightness of electrically driven single-photon sources using color centers in silicon carbide Nature Feb 2018
Science Volumetric additive manufacturing via tomographic reconstruction Science Jan 2019
Quantum Physics Observation and stabilization of photonic Fock states in a hot radio-frequency resonator Cornell University Jan 2019
Quantum Physics Experimental rejection of observer-independence in the quantum world Cornell University Feb 2019
Science The best topological conductor yet: Spiraling crystal is the key to exotic discovery Phys Org Mar 2019
Science Nanobots That Can Do Just about Anything Cornell University Mar 2019
Quantum Physics Bragg Soliton Compression and Fission on CMOS-Compatible Ultra-Silicon-Rich Nitride Laser & Photonics Reviews Jul 2019

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